Uploaded new track

hi, im new here and have just made a remix of my own which i would like you to check out and leave some constructive critisicism as they call it. its in the user tracks and its Signum - Coming on strong (ian fitzgerald remix). the user name is ian fitzgerald. its not yet finished but its what ive done so far. its like richard durand sort of style if your into that kind of stuff. thanks for checkin it tho if you do :wink:


I was quite excited when i heard you had re-mixed this track as it was a bit of a classic back in the day.

However after listening i have to say that the track itself is great - but my opinion is that in the first section where the vocal comes in its not load enough or clearly defined. Later on when the vocal drops in fully it doesn’t seem to work with the rest of the track to me its no in key with thes rest of the tune and does not work.

Ditch the vocal and i think with a bit of work you have a cracking tune here. Remeber tho i’m no expert so see what other people think.

your 100% right…i wasnt sure myself about the vocals but now its obvious that other people notice it too. thanks for the feedback