Using a Faderfox EC4 to control soft synths

I’m sure many of you share my frustration with the lack of a proper controller for software synths. I’ve been looking for programmable controllers to control my three favorite soft synths ever: ANA 2, DUNE 3 and Pigments. The three of them have a fixed architecture, so mapping a hardware controller is doable. And while there seems to be no perfect solution, the Faderfox EC4 controller seems like the “less bad one”. It has lots of knobs, a display, and it can store 256 configuration pages (16 groups of 16 pages, enough for three synths and much more).

Loopop’s review actually made me think that the EC4 can be as close to a proper controller for a soft synth as we can aim for.

Thoughts? Opinions? Alternatives?

Hi there and Merry Christmas since it’s the day :wink:

Won’t be of much help with this TBH, don’t know much about this device, just heard of the Faderfox devices series and they seem well regarded, not cheap though.

Concern here will be the Midi connectors, you probably need an adapter or a Midi hub box for going to Midi 5 pins connector to USB on the computer.

But beside this it should work yes, but again, don’t know about those so best would be to check for some practical usage videos on YT.

Unless someone else who’s using Faderfox units drops a line in here.

Cheers !

Weird, the photo says “faderport”, but this is a Faderfox EC4, Faderport are different devices, made by Presonus.

AFAIK, the EC4 offers MIDI over USB, which is perfect for me. The problem is, I seem to be the only person who wants to control a virtual synth using a external device. Most stuff is about controlling hardware or effects.

I also found the Electra One. Very expensive boutique device, but this one could be “the final solution”. The problem with the Electra One is that there are no good review videos such as the one by Loopop for the EC4, and most of them are oriented to hardware control.

Ha yess, don’t mind the photo name, just me messing up with the Faderport VS Faderfox names :blush:
Will edit and correct this :wink:

I don’t really use this beside some mapping with Ableton Push 2 and NI Maschine MK3 sometimes, but I’ve seen quite a few people using Midi controllers with assignable faders in addition to the knobs, could be more handy.

i.e : Ben Böhmer uses a bunch of Allen & Heat Xone:K2 Midi Controllers, one is assigned to Uhe Diva in his live setup.

And it’s an audio interface as well + you can link multiple units together, so might be a bonus here.