Using Maximizers

Hey guys, I’m a pretty new member to SA and I’m looking for some input about maximizers. I’ve been experimenting with them lately and I find them pretty convenient to help me bring important sounds out in my tracks. I do notice that using them too much eventually leads to your song sounding like a giant mass of sound exploding in your ears. I just wanna know a little more about them. When do you guys use them? Do you guys prefer to use compression instead? Do u guys use them for individual channels or only for the master channel?



well IMO Maximizers are good. as long as u know how to use them without affecting the transients of a track . sometimes is better to have a better mix that u can push really loud than a track that is too loud that mess the transients of your mix

Its kinda the same as a clipper, you gotta be subtle. Dont kill the dynamics of your track also if your wanting to get a sound heard in your mix you ahould tty eq, compression, panning etc before you go anywhere near a maximizer. Just be subtle about it the more your green bar on the master bounces the more dynamics you have and even though after mastering it should be up at 0db you should still be able to see little short bounces.