Using samples from Sonic Academy tutorials

Hey guys, just wanted to ask a quick question before I decide to post tracks for feedback on here. Can we use samples from courses here for our own music? An example, I’m using one of the snare samples from the midnights how to tutorial, but I’m layering it with 2 more snare samples to make a bigger snare sound and I’m using the uplifter riser sample as well. Are we legally allowed to use them sort of “as is” or do we have to pretty much manipulate them enough to where its not just the same sounding sample?

Unless there are specific restrictions on the download popup… all the course samples can be used just like a sample pack.

Usually it’s things like vocals or main hook elements that form the song that have restrictions.

Thats a relief! Thanks Phil! I wasn’t too keen on going in a making an FX riser from scratch, even though its incredibly easy!