Using thor from reason instead of having to use sylenth?

how can i use the synths out of reason to do stuff in ableton?? for example i watched the tech tips tutorial 1 on how to make sweeps and risers and wondering how to use the two programs together?? or would it be easier to just make them in reason?? i dont know im confused could use a teacher to help[ alone the way if there are any taker?? thanks!:smiley:

Yeah it’d be simple enough to rewire Reason and replicate the Sylenth programming in Thor, should sound pretty similar too, Thor is pretty great.

So ive tried that but when they are rewired together theres no sound from either program whats wrong??? getting midi signal on both programs whats happenening there??  Im leaning more towards using reason anyways it just feels right do you guys have tech tips on making risers and sweeps and so forth like you do for live or is it the same concept just different daw??

I know this is a typical response everywhere in regards to these types of questions but it really makes sense… Learn Synthesis!

Sylenth is regarded as a great intro synth for most people getting into music production because it has everything most other synths have in an easy to understand and use way. If you apply everything from Sylenth into Thor it should work…

Dont know how Thor works personally but unless its the worst synth on earth it should definately have the basics of a Sine, Saw, Square and Noise Waves present, possibly a Triangle along other things. It should have filters just like Sylenth does… It should have voicing options, envelopes and LFO’s just like Sylenth does… Etc. etc.

Apply similair settings to these elements and it should be able to do a lot of what Sylenth can, the big difference will probably be the FX. If Thor doesnt have FX in it (I have heard its a great synth so I am assuming it definately does) you can use reasons FX to get those extra’s. If the patch in Sylenth has some overdrive get an overdrive plugin in the chain. If it has Reverb throw one of Reasons reverb plugins in there. Etc. etc.

With a riser try and get a very long attack (best not to use the internal synths envelopes, instead make it yourself by controlling the amp and make the envelop yourself) and maybe LFO a few things you feel appropriate like maybe the cutoff of the filter. Add a few fx like a delay and a reverb, maybe some modulation fx like Chorus and Phasers and youve got yourself a riser. If you want one with a tail just give it a big reverb/long release, if you want one with an abrupt ending dont overdo the reverb and set the release to real low…

BTW going a bit off topic, how is Reason? I have always liked the fact that it sort of limits you by giving you only what Reason has (should inspire some form of creativity) so I have been thinking of getting it…

ok thanks im still working out all these lfo chorus etc effects and learning it along the way.  A lot to take in from going from djing to producing boy oh boy haha.  I love the setup of reason and the sound quality is great and it just looks cool but i hear ableton is the way to go i dont know ive got live 8 and reason 5.  I dont know im overwhelmed with all this so im just starting to put a track together on reason just to get a feel for arranging and such so i think i should learn the basics of building a song before i start building noises?