Using well known samples on track releases

Hi, I’m after a little advice on using samples in my music.

In the beatport charts these days you don’t have to look far before you find a track with a recognisable sample in it so it made me wonder, how difficult is it to get a sample cleared?

Does anyone here have any experience of using samples in their releases? If so what are the pitfalls aside from an initial outlay of cash to get the sample cleared? What percentage of of the track sales is required to pay royalties?

The reason I ask is I think I have a fairly awesome track that features a well known funk tune but I’m just wondering, is it a total hassle getting it cleared or should I just go for it if the track is good enough?


I don’t understand this. If I buy a sample pack, I better be allowed to use them as I want.

I’m talking more about sampling a copy protected track with a well known riff/hookrather than using a sample pack.

I think it is a case by case basis, you need to approach the copyright owner or publisher and work out a deal / split. Some people do not seek permission if they believe it to be a minor release, but can always leave you open to being sued or having your work removed and perhaps social channels closed.

I have been look at using this company who deal with the admin of setting up such agreements.
Its £350 plus VAT just to set up the agreements though.

Looks like a deal like this is going to cost a minimum of £1500. Thats a lot of outlay.

That is a big outlay, you will mostly like never make that back with a small to medium release.

Yeah, back to the drawing board I think.

What sample are you using?

Its a sample from Hot Chocolate - Heaven is in the back seat of my Cadillac

Mess it up beyond recognition !!!

you might something in this pack, its along the same vibes - Sonic Sounds | Royalty Free Sample Packs | Preset Packs | Plugins

Great thanks, I will take a look :wink: