USR-1 hardware gone off radar?


i remember the hardware prototype controller for ana 2 that would also work with many other major VSTis´…

This hardware controller is the main reason i got ana 2 to be able to use a controller for it 101.

How is it going with devolopement? Anyone got any info?

Hi @ronnyrydgren

Thanks for asking, this should be answered by S.A team soon :wink:


We have been working in the background on the software to initially support Ableton and Logic. Once we are happy thats its working 100% we will run a kickstarter. More info will be released towards the end of September all going well.

You can have a sneak peek at out our unreleased promo video here:




I love you phil! No homo but you guys make things happen makes me happy! Looking forward to it! Spending all savings hehe

Hi Phil, loving the look of this, cannot seem to access the webpage on the end of the video? Has it been taken offline? Thanks

Hey @DET10EIGHT this page does not exist yet :wink: that’s why the video wasn’t released…

Where is it? @phil_johnston been aweful quite about it

As far as I’m aware, it’s still under development. This project is a very challenging one IMO, rather than throwing out a new Universal Midi Controller on which you will still have to do some mapping to be “universal” and work with most plugins & DAWs, I think they are trying to achieve a smoother integration using only the common & more relevant controls for soft-synths plugins. The idea behind it is to be able to switch from i.e Sylenth to Diva and still have your oscillators, filters…etc available at your fingertips on the USR-1 without doing any further mapping. The way Midi is implemented between different soft-synths & Daws make this really challenging, I know that some other developers gave up similar projects.

That how I picture what’s going under the hood, but yes, would be good to have some news from @phil_Johnston about it, I will try to ask :slight_smile:

The world needs this!


Is this dead now? Nothing from devolopers heared. Im loosing hope

it’s been on the backburner for quite a while now yes, but it’s still something we’re developing.

Once the restrictions with coronavirus lift we’ll get back on the ball with that


This would be absolutely amazing - but I think they should develop it solely for use with ANA 2 - rather than be a jack of all trades…

So many people would be interested in a software instrument that had it’s own dedicated controller - best of both worlds and IMO ANA 2.0 sounds as good as hardware so all it’s missing is some dedicated buttons / knobs and sliders!

Once again - take my money!

@bryan_spence whats the latest on this project?

Covid threw a spanner in the works - we’ll maybe spin this project back up again if the demand is there for it

@bryan_spence thanks for the update. I think you were dead on with the need for this project. There is a massive increase in the number and demand for soft synths without any real way to control them.

I hope you run a kickstarter to gauge the demand. At a $300-400 price point you will hit your goal immediately.

It’s kind of on hold for now… until we see what’s happening with midi 2.0 and what DAW support will be like.

Things have also massively changed with foreign manufacturing which posses some significant challenges.

Still something I’d like to do though.

@phil_johnston hey, I’m checking in on this project. Any updates? I’m curious why midi 2.0 would be a blocker. Wouldn’t you want it to support both?

@bryan_spence @phil_johnston

Hey guys, any update on this?