Uying A Synthesizer For The First Time

Hey guys, I have been producing for awhile and I fully understand the basics of synths and I understand the fact that essentially software is just as good as hardware butj I really prefer the workflow aspect as well as the “specific sound” aspect of hardware, also I feel that it will REALLY help me synthesize better because in software I always tend to sample which I don’t like.

What is a good starter synth for trance? I want to make Progressive/Uplifting so being able to make large sounds is important.

Also I heard that the Virus TI2 Desktop is a must have for trance, it is really expensive but if it’s that good I might save up for it

try this

and This

I have map for it that makes it work like hardware.

[quote]phil johnston (15/03/2012)[hr]and This

I have map for it that makes it work like hardware.[/quote]

I already bought ANA and I really like it but I was hoping to get just 1 hardware analogue piece to get my workflow going and get a more unique sound while also using ANA and Sylenth1. However, I like your idea of using a MIDI controller to control the software, that would save me an incredible amount of money.

What would you say are the cons of doing it this way? Also I am reading that the BEHRINER 2000 series rivals the MKII, they seem very similar though.

The mappings work well but tbh i still probably use mouse 70% of the time. I mostly use it for automation etc.

the cost/benifit of hardware synths is hard to justify in my mind.


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Thanks a lot!