V-Moda Crossfade Headphones

Has anyone checked them out?

Any good? I love the look of them, but seems there is mixed reviews online so i’m torn as to what they sound like which is the important aspect.

Anyone tried the Allen & Heath Xone XD 53 Headphones?

Or the Monster Beats by Dr Dre??

mate I just got theses: [url=http://www.reddogmusic.co.uk/Accessories/Headphones/Studio-Headphones/Roland-RH300.html]http://www.reddogmusic.co.uk/Accessories/Headphones/Studio-Headphones/Roland-RH300.html[/url]

very good indeed

lbl uses the dre beats

I use the dr. Dre beats,

The sound quality is unbelievable but one bit of advice I would give anyone thinking of buying them is … Handle with care,

I honestly don’t think they were built to withstand the riggers of a dj in the go.

One bad fall on a hard surface and they will bust or crack.

I read that the beats by dr dre are quite heavy on the low end? I keep reading that also about the V Moda Crossfade which has put me off.

Need something that has a clean and level frequency response really which i could also use for DJing.

Kinda trying for ‘2 birds with 1 stone’ via the DJing and production front.

Those Roland RH300 sound pretty good Wayne! Shame they look horrid lol, it’s weird isn’t it, the producer headphones all come in a really dull and drab look, where as the DJ headphones looks sweet but mostly don’t offer good clean audio response.

That’s the issue i’ve been finding here, want sexy headphones with great audio response lol.

The Monster Beats Dr Dre are pretty sexy to be fair

The beats are heavier on the low end, when dj’ing it’s not an issue just turn down the bass on the headphone out,

For production if you can’t use monitors keep another pair of different headphones to hand to for a second reference on low end frequencies,

Oh yeah and the supplied cable wi them is only a little over a meter long and if you forget it’s very easy to walk to far away from the mixer when you are wearing them.

It mite sound like im completely putting these headphones down but even tho there are prob better headphones out there that are much cheaper and I do admit I have a couple of small issues with them I absolutely love em, I use them for everything.

If anyone has a pair I’d seriously recommend watching a movie and using them for the sound.