VDM Shamu

Found the midi for this and have started to piece together my own version. This is where im at. Plenty of time between the mince pies to work on getting better.

Looks like I missed this one :wink:

There’s some nice elements in the track but it’s very busy from start to finish, you could really create more distinctive parts by removing some elements while developing the arrangement. Arrangement can get very subjective and somehow complicated if you just try to do it based on what seems to work for you as the listener.

One simple way to workaround this is to simply use a track in the same genre that works and replicate the song structure and arrangement. It’s not about copying and you don’t have to feel like cheating when using reference tracks and already existing songs structure, many producers work that way :wink:

After doing this for some times, you’ll get more familiar with songs structures & parts and it will get easier on the long run :wink: