Vengeance Compressor

has anyone had any experience with this? would you recommend it or are there any other compressors that you would recommend suited more to dance music.

i want a compressor that pumps nicely and has a side chain option also would like one that doesn’t distort or break up to much when pushed hard.

i’ve looked at the Nomad and a few others

My favourite compression plugin is Sonalksis’ TBK3, but I don’t know if it offers the kind of compression you are after. I like it precisely because of it’s distorting capabilities (Phil uses it in the French Electro tutorial on the bassline).

should have mentioned that i have the sonalksis collection but thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:

No problem - sorry I couldn’t help. Let me know if you get it and how you go on with it. How is it different to the built in Ableton compressor for sidechaining?

it has multiband side chain and seems to be more geared toward dance music

I like the GLUE. Its really transparent though. Great SSL Emulation.

[quote]howiegroove (28/02/2010)[hr]I like the GLUE. Its really transparent though. Great SSL Emulation.[/quote]

Transparent is not always a good thing though

Hi John

Interest to know if you went for this in the end?  What do you think?

it got good reviews in Computer magazine !  but let us know what do you think about it  if you try it

hey guys i’m stilll running this over in my head and doing research , i tend not to throw money away these days.

i have wasted at least £5K on crap that i either didn’t really need or was nothing like i expected it to be after taking notice of reviews in magazines.

i would give some advice to people buying hardware or software based on reviews from magazines, if they have a high score take a look through the mags the month before and maybe the month after before buying, check how many adverts the company has taken out with the mag.

magazines selling advertising goes hand in hand with good reviews.

if i do buy any new products for music production i will start to give full honest reviews on the forum to help other.

it would be nice for Sonic Academy to do a sticky post for users to review products