I am a beginner with ANA2.

I can remember I watched a tutorial where he created a vibrato on a lead patch.

He used G-Env to create the vibrato-pattern, then routed so that he could choose where the vibrato should affect the tone in time. Let’s say I have a long note playing, and I want the vibrato to start after 0.4 sec.

I can’t remember the routing, only that he routed G-env to Pitch coarse or something, and then to AMP env or MOD env to control the time.

Thank you!

If you use an LFO assigned to pitch fine you can use the “delay” control on the LFO to set how quickly after you press a key the LFO starts working.

I am not sure what you mean. Can you describe it step-by-step please?

I remember he added 2 lines in the MOD MATRIX, and that the G-env, Pitch and maybe LFO was included.

Thank you!

You shouldn’t need to use mod matrix or g-env for a vibrato. A simple LFO should do the trick.

The LFOs are located on the bottom left and have controls for depth / rate / delay

In the LFO destination box click and select pitch fine

Set the rate to around 5hz

Set the depth to whatever sounds good to you.

Then apply the delay control to adjust how long after you play the note the vibrato starts.