Video errors?

Hello there

I like to open the video’s, but what is see is: 300 Player initialization failed error 1065

Can somebody help me please?



or it is because Sonic Academy is updating the video system ?

if it so, then please delete my question

Where are you located?

What browser /version are you using?

Have you tried it in Chrome/IE/Firefox/Safari?

Have you updated your flash drivers?

located in the Netherlands

never have had this issue

Everything I see points to outdated flash components for this specific error message.

Go here:  and get the latest version of flash on your computer and see if it helps.


in chrome it works good

[quote]instrumentalbeat (12/04/2012)[hr]thanks

in chrome it works good


im a bit late to the party - glad you got it sorted :slight_smile:

thanks every1 for quick support

[quote]instrumentalbeat (12/04/2012)[hr]thanks
in chrome it works good

I’m a huge fan of Chrome.  :D  Glad to hear that it’s working for you.