Video Quality?

Hello, I was wondering if you stream your videos in higher quality 480 or 720p? When I make you videos full screen, some of the ableton buttons are blurry and it becomes difficult to follow along in some lessons, especially when trying to recreate synth or Ableton settings exactly as your instructors do…

Thank you

to be fair this will probably benefit you in the long run, copying setting exactly will not do anything for your productions as you are simply being a robot and not listening to what you are making or understanding what you are doing.

but i do agree some are not nice to watch full screen.

I understand about knowing what you are doing and not following settings exactly, but would still like to know if you will be posting videos in a higher resolution especially when using your exact settings helps recreate a specific sound you are getting in your lessons… For Example, watching your exact settings for a filter in Abletons simpler is very blurry when watching the videos in full screen and of course, too small when watching the smaller video…

Thanks for your help.