Video series on Mixing!

Would love if you could cover mixing and record a few videos on it. Stuff like Leveling, Equalization, Filtering, Effects.

I know these include in the production videos but i feel it would be really good if mixing would be covered alone and indepth.

+10 for me :slight_smile:

a dedicated tutorial would be cool but there is a lot of stuff in the current tuts that you can use!

Tbh out of all THE tutorials none really cover an in depth mixdown. So this would be awesome to see.

I would benefit from this!! :slight_smile:

Professional mixing is a really advanced skill, it takes longer and actually costs more to get done by someone than professional mastering does!

Would be great to see an advanced tutorial on this.

+1 would be really gr8 if some1 uploads tutorials on full mixdown :smiley:

uno mas :smiley: