Video Streaming

Hey Guys,

Are there issues with the European servers? video streaming has been quite poor for some time from my perspective, and it does not appear to be specific videos. It can’t be my Internet connection cos i’m on a 70mb connection and am able to stream video from other sites fine. Flash player is up to date & tried using IE & Chrome browsers, same issue, just keeps buffering constantly. If you scrub through a video, to try and replay a part, same thing happens it just buffers or stutters. I thought this may have been an issue with my workplace, but this occurring at home also. It’s making viewing videos unwatchable or a bit of a chore to be honest.

Actually it seems fine at the minute, so ignore my rant?! Tried both from home and at work and some of the videos i’ve tried seem to be streaming fine. Happy Days

let me know if there are any further issues - i can get our video streaming provider to look into it.