Videos not screen

Videos were playing fine for me yesterday. Today I can’t play any videos on the site. I just get a black screen and they won’t play. I cleared my cache, tried different browers, etc… I also tried other sites that stream videos and those are all fine. Any ideas?

just looking at this now

Same for me, some videos start, some videos say “This video is not available” and others just do nothing when I press play.

are you still getting that message? they should be working again

Fixed for me, Thank you!!

Working a bit better. They will start to play, but usually hang up and get the eternal spinning circle. Thanks for checking into it.

is there a particular video causing problems i can check?

The one that it started with for me…and is still giving me problems is the Minimal Techno with Mac Vaughn series. Video 5 in particular…though that might just be because it’s the one I keep trying.

seems to be playing ok

Yes. Looks good on my end now too. Thanks…love the site.


Glad we could help (when I say we I mean Bryan ;-))

Videos not working for me says, the media could not be loaded, either because the server or the network failed or because the format is not supported.

What videos are not working for you? @Noobs

can you please try updating your browser to see if that helps?
Otherwise can you please let me know your Operating system version and browser version

Thanks all working i updated it all and flash player.