Videos stop every 5 seconds to load

hey, ive tried numerous times on my account to watch videos for the past couple weeks with different computers and different internet access. every video i pull up stops every 5 seconds to load and is really frustrating and annoying to try and get through.

what do i do??

please get back to me asap as im trying to get my moneys worth…


Hi. Could you do a speed test and post the results.

What browsers have you tried.

Do you have latest version of flash?

What’s your pc specs?

Where are you located

Once we have more info Ill try to find a solution.


hey, i use mozilla firefox, i do have the latest version of flash and im in thornhill, ontaro, canada.

my results are in the link…

any help?

thanks again

could you test downloading these resource files and note the speed.


these run off the same server so we can rule out the connection between you and the amazon s3s servers.

do you have any similar problems with youtube or other video sites?

I get same issue, videos just stop randomly whilst watching and give me the loading symbol, however i can leave it for the best part of a day and still it goes no where.

May just be my crap connection lately though.

cant quite figure out what this is yet… on iOS devices it defiantly does this from time to time.

on my imac on safari and firefox its not doing it at all.

would be interesting to get your system specs… specifically memory and available HD space.

while we look in to this as a workaround just reload the video and jump to where you left off. seems to play out the rest of the video.

could be just the length of the videos, more recently ive been making them longer as we have random seek now … ill try to keep them shorter.

[quote]phil johnston (01/09/2011)[hr]cant quite figure out what this is yet… on iOS devices it defiantly does this[/quote]

What did you do to upset it Phil? :wink: