Viewing vids

plse help… im trying to view the tut vids and can’t view them… also cant view more than 2 vids for each genre topic .

any help??

you need to be a subscriber man

I already am, over a month…

No your a registered Member not a subscriber

Subscribe! [url][/url]

are you customer service?? if your are check my transaction … and if your not then… you cant help me…

No But common sense tells me to look under your name and it claims you are a Registered member i may not be technical support, but go here and click [url][/url]

[quote]nebulae10 (05/07/2010)[hr]I already am, over a month…[/quote]

15 days btw not a month :smiley:

dude …done that!! that why I posted something here…

i will get customer service to look at this asap.

did you email customer service direct or use the customer service form above?

Thx Bryan all takin care of now…

[quote]nebulae10 (06/07/2010)[hr]Thx Bryan all takin care of now…[/quote]

Yay :smiley: