Vintage Vocals - Movie Cuts & Scratches - Vol II / 656

Vintage Vocals - Movie Cuts & Scratches - Vol II

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After the popularity of its predecessor, Origin Sound is back with a new edition of Vintage Vocals. A library dedicated to providing your productions with a memorable identity and narrative.

This library provides you with a vast selection of 273 spoken word quotes, precisely cut from classic movie titles such as Eyes in the Night, Lonely Wives, My Dear Secretary, and more. Each piece of dialogue contains a wealth of authentic vintage artefacts. Additionally, we have provided a range of 75 warped vocal scratch edits, for those of you wanting to add a more creative flair to your tracks.

Featuring vocals from the following films -
Cyrano De Bergerac
Eyes In The Night
Lonely Wives
My Dear Secretary
Penny Serenade

Origin Sound’s Vintage Vocals is an essential tool for producers from all genres, providing your music with a valuable context that will enhance the narrative of your productions.

Did you get the right to sell and monetize copyrighted content? What would be the legal implications for any of us users to purchase this and use it in commercial work? I truly don’t understand how you can create such a product without expecting repercussions. Most if not all of these works are protected under U.S. copyright laws.

These are most likely public domain. I know My Dear Secretary is.

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Hi @KickStar

I have to agree with @MartyTheC, and you’ll be amazed of the number of movies that falls into the public domain if you do some research, especially vintage films, even some golden classics and mostly because the copyright system was not that strong back in the days.

That said, S.A is just acting as a reseller here, this sample pack was produced by Origin Sound. If you have any inquiries or issues please feel free to contact or

There aren’t that many movies yet in public domain, but the very early ones are starting to enter public domain unless movie studios renew copyrights which happened. In a collection like this, I would like to see a notice guaranteeing fair use of the included material. There’s no mention in the description of copyright issues, but it must be addressed. My clients expect and demand a one-stop shop licensing from me and thus I could never take a chance to include material unless I know 100% is free to use. Please, give more details in the description itself.

Are these samples 100% royalty free?

@armanitrax @KickStar

Though I’m pretty sure they are, I can understand that the information is missing on the product page, this has been forwarded to S.A team.

@KickStar @armanitrax

Hey guys, I’ve been in touch via mail with Luke Williams from Origin Sound regarding this,
here is the answer :

Hey Stéphane,
These sample packs are royalty free and both contain a license text file, which is attached for you to have a read! 

Luke Williams

Here is a screen shot of the License text file you will find inside the packs after purchase & download.
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Hey Guys, quick question (probably a silly one)

All the vocals present in the pack are without any background music or noise right? E.g. if you play a vocal file it’s not going to be like in the pack’s preview (with a beat underneath) ?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @dfekt

I think that the “beat” in the preview is just to demo a track production using the samples, but except for the scratches samples that might be processed, I believe that the other audio files are vocal based only.

That said, I don’t have access to the pack so I can’t tell for sure, I will try to get more info from Origin Sound :slight_smile:

Be sure to check back here for an update,
Cheers !

Hey everyone - I have spoken with Origin Sounds and they have assured me that all movie samples in this pack are from movies that have moved into the public domain and therefore are free from copyright. You are free to use these in your commercial productions. To answer @dfekt - yes vocals are clean and free from BG music. There is a certain amount of noise due to the nature of them being from old movies. Here is an example -

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Thanks, but the License Text File does not address the movies used at all, and is a rather template type of text that’s used across other libraries. In a library like this one, it really needs to be addressed, and we want to read words such as “fair use” or “public domain”.


Quote from the License Text File :

The Licensee may use the Sounds in combination with other sounds in music productions
(which include soundtracks of such as films, video productions, radio/TV programs or
commercials, computer games and multimedia presentations, library music), public
performances, and other reasonable musical purposes within musical compositions.
The Licensee may modify the Sounds and may use the Sounds for commercial purposes as
part of a musical compositions on with other sounds.
The Licensee MAY NOT use the Sounds in isolation as sound effects or as loops (i.e. a
sequence of musical events) or any competitive products that are sold or re-licensed to
multiple third parties.

This is perfectly covering the “fair use” and even commercial use of those samples and it’s a pretty standard License Information in the Music industry that you’ll find among many samples pack.

As for the “public domain” this was seriously confirm with direct communication between Chris and Origin Sound, and I had the same confirmation by mail from them. BTW, Chris updated both pack’s products pages on Sonic Academy with the mention “All Samples are 100% Royalty Free.” as requested before which should also gives you confidence to purchase this pack without Copyright & License issue at all.

You can get back to Origin Sound using the mails I already provided if you would like to give them feedback or discuss about the License Text file they provide with the pack, but from S.A end it can’t be more transparent I think.

Hope that can help.

@KickStar fair use or fair dealing would be completely useless in this case. I can confirm once again ALL these samples are from movies in the public domain- I have personally check this myself. As stated above it is up to Origin Sound to update the text file.