VJ tutorials - anyone interested?

hi guys and gals

we’re thinking about running some VJ tutorials on the site

would anyone be interested?

they be delivered in the usual sonic academy style, quality with accompanying resources etc

let me know your thoughts…


Definitely. :smiley:

Negative for me.

no for me two sorry

I prefer music production tutorials:)

i’d totally be down to learn

No for me too :frowning:

VJ Tutorials as in Video Mixing with Serato? Or actually doing live visuals?

Video Mixing is blowing up here in LA! I been doing it for several years now. I used DVJ’s for a while than I switched to Serato’s Video SL when it came out. Honestly, it’s kind of a pain because of all the video editing that’s involved and it kinda takes away from the spontaneous fun!

Lots and lots of clubs are adding video rigs to their venues here in Los Angeles. I know my residency was one of the firsts to do it since the DVJ’s came out.


No not really. I’d like a tutorial on LIVE performing using Ableton, APC 40, synths etc.


I very much would like to learn it, today it’s very fashionable, also it very quickly develops

well as long as there will be always music production tutorials and all that stuff ( as usual ) I’m definitely ok with these tutorials :slight_smile: !!

I really don’t have any interest in VJing, but if one were released I’d definitely watch it :). Never hurts to learn something new.

I would like to see some video tutorials. especially if using ableton with a program like “just add music”

[quote]roben (7/22/2009)[hr]No not really. I’d like a tutorial on LIVE performing using Ableton, APC 40, synths etc.[/quote]

Second that

I have no interest in vj

For suuuuure!..

It would be great. I think its essential in any live performance…yes we need those vjing tutorials

I would love a tutorial on Arkaos VJ!! Had the program for awhile and probably use a 3rd of it. If you do a tutorial Please include how to Rewire it through Ableton live and how to trigger scene’s in the arrange along with the audio.


Great Idea!


Not for me - thanx.

NO, not at all. But thanks for asking

out of interest which program would you be using?