Vocal deep house feedback, need piano help


Hey everyone, I’m struggling with the piano on this track. The previous piano I had done was very dissonant to the vocals (didn’t even notice until someone told me) so I’ve spent a lot of time on trial and error to come up with this one. I don’t really have the ears to hear dissonance that well yet so I would really welcome any feedback on this track, especially for the underlying piano. If they’re still dissonant, then I would welcome any chord progression suggestions. Any and all feedback welcome in general too!

I also find giving advice hard as I’m still learning ha. But I’d say Just go with what sounds good to you.I really like this track thou and the piano sounds fine with the vocals to me.really nice chilled vibe

can’t hear anything blatantly wrong but also don’t have the most musical ears. you could download melodyne studio; has a 30 days trial version; and look at the notes if there is something weird.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I spent a good amount of time doing trial and error on Cthulhu until I settled on it lol. Wasn’t sure what I was hearing anymore so really appreciate the extra set of ears and advice on this!