Vocal driven Tech House

Hey guys, feel like I haven’t posted on these forums for a long time, I’ve been way too busy with uni work :(. Anyway I have a bit of an idea for a tutorial or even a tech tip and wanted to see what you guys think.

I’ve noticed recently that tech house tracks especially, seem to have a lot of vocal edits and snippets implemented into them, for instance check out a lot of toolroom records latest releases and you’ll notice that a lot of the tracks elements revolve around a vocal phrase or edits of a certain vowel or syllable. Also the recent releases by pleasurekraft are very heavily vocally driven and even use vocal edits as the main hook in breakdowns (think they may be pitching vocals using melodyne somehow, but not sure). Anyway would love to know how to create this effect properly and implement them into tracks. Are they using acapellas? Their own voice?

I think Sonic Academy could really do with covering this type of house properly anyway, plus I don’t see why this kind of use of vocals can’t be used by a wide array of genres, as well as tech house.

I’ve tried to embed a few youtube video examples below, hopefully it works. Take a listen and if you like the idea give it a +1 :D. Oh and if anyone has any other tracks of a similar style, relating to this kind of tech house please feel free to post below.

This is a classic example of the kind of thing I mean, and I'm sure most people have heard this before (bit of a classic of 2010). This is just a short mix but shows from the start how they use vocal edits as the main hook.

Another example slightly different to how pleasurekraft use vocals in their tracks but it is still one of the main elements.

Again slightly less use of vocals but listen to the build up and after the break and you'll see what I mean

Personally I would love to see a tutorial on how to do vocal trickery like this, and I even think if sonic academy did a whole tutorial series on house similar in style to this sort of tech house it wouldnt go a miss. Anyway if anyone thinks the same and would like to see something like this, comment, +1, and get this thread seen!! :D

damn yeah. anything Toolroom-style would suit me.

Ahhh I’m loving everything to come out of toolroom at the moment and leaders of the new school. Think I listen to the toolroom knights podcast every week without fail :slight_smile:


For some reason i think that ToolRoom Records sounds similar to the early Defected stuff. nothing really impressing or new to me . but yeahh a tutorial of a nice tech house would be nice

Yeah I know what you mean, defected still release tracks quite similar to some of toolrooms. But you have to admit toolroom are doing pretty well at the moment, their releases are very often in the beatport top 10.

if your into this kinda vocal snippets of stuff

Ted Spong - Body Tune EP (OUT NOW @ BEATPORT!) by Ted Spong

I can show you how to do that pal. Let me know

Oh certainly mate, I’d really appreciate any tips or tricks you may want to share. Recently I’ve been getting better at doing this kind of stuff, like doing the basics like changing start times of samples and transposing etc. I do struggle finding good samples to use though, where do you get some of you’re vocal samples from? Would love to hear how you get the results you do. Gimmie a PM or post here if you have any tips.


Sound, after the weekend I think I’ll upload the Ableton project for that track. Got to number 23 in trackitdown tech house chart so its really not a bad track to learn from if I say so myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Then any questions you got just fire away, will do my best to help you and anyone else who’s interested out.

Cheers mate I’ll look forward to it :slight_smile: