Vocal Echo Effect

Hey Guys,

i am trying to create the known vocal effect in mostly house or dance tracks which sound s like repeating or echoing a part of a vocal.

For example:

Soooniic Academy… my… my… my… my

Hope you know what i mean :wink:

I’ve been playin arround in Live with Grain Delay its close but not as i would like to.

Does anybody has an easier way or at least an explenation for that effect.

Maybe Sonic has even a tutorial for this, as i was unable to find.

Thanks to everybody in Advanced

I’m not sure how to get this done using standard Ableton plug-ins but EchoBoy by Soundtoys will definitely get the job done…

Heres a video of it in use just to make sure we are talking about the same effect. I thought there was a little tips and tricks on SA regarding EchoBoy but I couldn’t find it

automate a delay to switch on on the word you want delay, then its a case of messing around with feedback/drywet and filtering it in and out, bumping the gain with utility etc.

I actually use this technique quite a bit in different ways. Theres many ways to skin a cat but my personal favorite is using a delay on a return with the dry/wet turned up 100% the messed with the feedback and time settings to get the desired type of echo. Then automate the return track to hit on the word you want. Easy day:) Lemme know if that works for you bruh

Sample the part you want, and loop it, and can play with some automation for fading or other effects.

still working on this myself…br

  1. you can slice the acapella to midi and play with the note lengths accordingly…then play with reverb, etc…to your likingbr
  2. there is a helpful video on the utube that demonstrates creating glitched vocals by just ripping/slicing audiobr
    lemme know how u fare out…i prefer the audio (for visual purposes)br
    good luck

This is what Delay is for. Just turn it on on the word you want. :slight_smile:

Use the Filter Delay and increase the feedback for the desired length of time.

a delay?

Yeah if you watch the Main Room House tutorial (video no 28.5) theres a video of how to do it! :slight_smile: