Vocal Effect / Chop / Pitch

Hey gang,

I was wondering if you had any idea how the producer goes about creating these vocal pitched effects are heard a lot in this video, I hear it a lot in Trap / Future Bass music and I’m convinced there’s more to it than just popping it into a sampler, it has some modulation similar to what the Hooked by Output plug-in does. However without subscribing to Arcade by Output (Besides it doesn’t look like you can load your own vocals into the plug in?? (one of you may correct me here?) ) is there a plug in i can BUY that does this FX with vocals?

For example if you take a listen to this track and especially the second half of the track where it goes more crazy, including the chops at 2 mins 56 seconds (sounds like arpeg chops? But you see it sounds more synth’d than just purely pitch shifting the vocal)
There’s also the bit at 2 mins 18 seconds where he’s singing the vocal line but then it’s shifting notes.

I really wanna work out how to do all this with vocals, could anyone help give me an idea what plug in they’re using?



Polyverse Manipulator is one plug-in that I can think about for this, there’s a tutorial here as well on S.A website.

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