Vocal Mixing - pink noise

I finally got someone to record vocals for a song and don’t usually mix vocals into my songs

Will the pink noise trick that Tom Demac uses to mix his songs also apply to vocals? Thats usually my go to for getting audio levels…

Any plugins (Ableton or third party wise) that you think are absolutely necessary for vocals to give them that special something phil?

Waves where doing a deal on jjp vocal channel for 50$ defo worth the money.

Well recorded vocals tend to need very little to make them work.

Waves rvox is great for levelling out vocals.

Perfect thanks Phil

So should I avoid using the pink noise technique to mix in the vocals?

The fundamental of that concept should work for everything BUT… in the end trust your ears… if following that method doesn’t sound right for a particular sound go with your instinct.

its really just to get you in the ball park.