Vocal repeat

Hey guys,

how do you normally loop/repeat vocals, p.ex in a break to repeat

more often and getting shorter in the loop length for the buildup…

do you use some special techniques?




i dont know if this is what youre after but howie and roben were able to help me out when i asked them about this

Yeah, you can refer to that post. If you would like to arrange things out in the arrangement view and enjoy doing things in a linear fashion, you can always drag the vocal snippet in and chop it up and make duplicates as needed.

actually i mean sth like to loop a vocal with pioneer djm 800 (p.ex.) and get the vocal or sound loop shorter and shorter .

do u know what i mean?

yea dude. You can either use beat repeat or go to www.youtube.com/howiegroove. I made a little tutorial on glitching that will help you out with that using simpler.

you could simply load the vocal into impulse and program that same way as you would a drum roll, use the gate mode so that as the stutters get closer you can shorten the length of the notes :slight_smile:

Id use beat repeat and automate the decay maybe that would do it :slight_smile:

thx ppl. i ll try those things !