Vocal samples

Hey Guys

ANy chance SA could put up a vocal sample in the tech tips section so you can follow along to the reverse reverb tip(s) please.

Or can anyone suggest a good free resource for something similar?

thanks muchly

You should be able to find some here


i guess making a reverse reverb effect is simple . just use the reverb settings to fit what you looking for and have a long feedback . bounce that to audio then keep the originall.

reverse the new bounced file and then match it up with originall copy . you have a reversed reverb. but remember to play alot with the reverb settings


you can do a reverse reverb with anything.

I guess the point Im making is that in the tutorial, it is stated … ‘as always I will upload the samples’ …or words to that effect

paid for service and all that

yes you can use what you like but easier to follow when everything is the same