Vocal speed up trick?

Lets say that u have a part of a vocal Loop and u want it to go from A A A A to A A A A to AAAA like u do with a snare build up for example. Can it be done by any other way than just Cut and arrange? or is that the only way to do it!

When i try to do it by just cut it up and arrange, it just sounds terrible either it to long or it to short and doesnt sound the right way.

Please if u guys dont understand what i mean, im gonna try to make it more understandable. just tell me if so.:hehe:

you could fire the vocal sample in to simpler ad trigger it with midi.

Ah, thats more like what i was thinking of . TY! the only problem is that i use Logic!? anything similar there?!

Exs 24 will do the same thing.

Thanks a lot , gonna play around with this! :smiley: