Just wondered, how do get a repeated build up effect with vocals?

Say for example i have a vocal that says ‘get down’. How do i stretch/ repeat it to get it to build up quicker and say Get, Get, Get Ge Ge G G G G GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG … Get Down! Hope that makes sense? :smiley:


Go into your audio and chop it up, then copy / paste the chopped parts.

Oh right, so its just a matter of cutting it up and repeating it. I thought there would be more to it than that or some programme that i had to use. Thanks

in addition to what roben said, you could slice the audio to midi, and then you could do all sorts of funky stuff with it in the piano roll, especially depending on how fine you slice it note wise. you could also mess with the start time with the sample loaded in simpler… just some added thought.


there are some crazy things you can do with effects too. on top of that, I would look into macro mapping. you can automate all sorts of things and make some cool glitching noises.

sounds like you want to stretch the audio,

in cubase you can do it with Time stretching. there is actually a tool at the top of the page, Resizing applies time stretch i think its called…

so you could cut the “G” out initially, and then apply the resizing applies time stretch for as loong as you want that G to stretch. and finish it with the rest of your spoken word.

ableton, you can do the same job by Warping the clip and moving your warp points.

its hard to explain would require a tech tip!

which i have noted on my trusty yellow stiky pad



To also add to everyone elses fantastic comments, you can use Melodyne if you want to stretch out the tone of a sung/spoken note.

In fact melodyne is pretty sh*t hot all round, a tech tutorial on that would be great!!

i actually used melodyne for the electro house track

and was going to do a spin off as a tech tip to show you how i processed the vocals!

will let u know!



Thanks for the replies guys i’ll have a mess around and try some of your suggestions.

And a tutorial would be great if you get the chance :smiley: