Hello evrbdy , i just wanted to know ohow could i warp vocals on live 8 , i tried to warp them like what we do with a track but the vocal is too faster . How can i do to keep the vocal good ?

if you tap the tap tempo button along to the vocal and it goes to like 85 bpm right click on the first warp marker and select warp at 85 from here.

Ok , thanks phil , i will try your method , i also wanted to ask you the preset you use for your funk bass on the funky house tuto .

If you’re using ableton and have the original track as well you can place warp markers for both of them at the same time. The only catch is that the two tracks have to be the same length. What I usually do is get the vocals lined up as close as I can just using the start points (warp mode off) and then trim the end of the tracks where there’s usually silence anyways. Export each of them and then bring them into a new live set. Select the vocal track and then shift-click the original track. Now you can warp the vocals using the kick from the original song.

Ok thanks , i will try it ! thanks a lot