Where do you think would be the best place to find them I’m not sure they seem to be hard to come by

its a bit hit and miss. but you can find some good stuff if you spend time going through everything… i tend to play my track and audition stuff so i can hear along with the music.br
you can do advanced search by key and bpm.

Vocal downloads is a great site, i became aware of it through Sonic Academy and have found some cracking vocals on there.br
But also you should think about trying to lift samples from old records. Once i have the money, i want to buy an old Technics 1210 and then head down to all the little markets around London where i live - they have loads of stalls that sell old vinyl covering all genres for as little as 50p a record.br
Going to do what they did in the old days, just buy random records, get them home and see what they have on them that i can use.br
Alot more work but hopefully might find some absolute gems that are much more obscure!

thanks for the reply would you happen to know where I could find people to find people who’ll do original vocals for me?

I have tried sampling from old records (just as mentioned: records from some flea-market, trying to find a good sample).nbsp; But I never seem to get the parts I want use sound good enough.nbsp; It’s really hard to do it with things like phase-cancellation when it’s a recording from a vinyl.nbsp; I can’t imagine that producers from all those old-school housetracks that were made upnbsp;with discovocalsnbsp;and -guitarsnbsp;all had acces to the original stems. Are there any other tricks in the book?nbsp;

Conor,/PPHere’s what I once did:nbsp;just go scouting.nbsp; Keep your eyes open for little festivals or gigs with a cover-band.nbsp;nbsp;If you’re luckynbsp;theynbsp;mightnbsp;have really good vocalists with an open mind to lots of styles of music.nbsp; Just go and talk to them.nbsp; Same goes for anyone that’s playing in a bar, like jazz or something.nbsp; You would be surprised how much of these people think it would be great fun doing something like this.nbsp; The downside on this (for me especially) is that you will have to come up with lyrics yourself.nbsp; They might be good preformers, but most of them aren’t artists.nbsp; I’m not that great with words, so this is the point where it usually gets stuck for me.nbsp;

Just get bust posting on suitable forums and asking all your friends if they know anyone who sings.br
There are always plenty of people out there who are pretty good singers who would be willing to lay down some vocals for you. At the end of the day, it’s good exposure for them if they are trying to make a name for themself.

thanks for all the replies i guess ill just have to keep my eyes peeled for good singers :slight_smile: they are few and far between over here in ireland haha