Voice Plug-ins

hey guys,br
just wondering in the way of voice changing plug-ins/Vst what would the the best be for mac x64bit?br
im looking for something that can give me the same feel as Martin Garrix- Animalsbr
(we are f*!#ing animal) sound if anyone has any ideas would be fantastic!br

Its done using FL studios Vocoder. and camel Crusher.br
There are tons of vocoders… Ableton live has one built in.br
You can see in his Future music in the studio how he has t set up… he uses 3 layers processed differently.

thanks heaps br
since you seem to be the man of knowledge or a least i think so haha would you know how they get that climbing of the pitch/vocals/synth sound at about 3:33 to 3:42 on this song? i use albeton… br

Thank you :slight_smile: