Voodoo people

Excellent post Jon.

I liked the last Jim Pavloff video and never got around to subscribing to his channel but after watching this one I am not going to make the same mistake again!

He’s a true Ableton master.

I think I am going to be disecting this tutorial. I love the way he leaves all his effects chains in place for everyone to see. It all happens very quickly but there’s always the pause button. lol

Everything is there really. There’s enough techniques packed into the video to keep me busy for a few days for sure. As well as lots of new presets for my racks.




good post jon, i cant believe this guy has figured all this out makes you want to push yourself to that level

Damn… i’m @ work and the video is filtred… i wanna seeeeee it !!! :hehe:

Pavloff is amazing… i knew Ableton was a good piece of software until i saw his “smack my bitch up” remix… after that, “good piece of software” was not good enough to define Ableton ! :smiley:

goto say that i can’t take responsibility for finding this vid, it was posted on another forum

He’s simply a genius.

The layout and automation of the production looks so technical. Wish i could get to that standard.

Yeah - nice post Jon!

It gets you thinking not only about how Jim Pavloff worked all this out (how the hell do you reverse engineer a pitch shifted, filtered and chopped Led Zeppelin sample!!!), but the creativeness of Liam Howlett originally. I still say that ‘Jilted Generation’ remains as fresh sounding today as it ever did. These vids only add to its quality.