W&W - D.N.A (OWL. Remix)

Im very happy to share with You my new track. Enjoy :wink:

Hey there @Owlofficial

Nice arrangement & overall production IMO. What catches my ears in the track is the top end & higher frequency range taking a lot of space in the Mix, as well as a lack of bass and the kick being a tiny bit too loud, there’s a relation between those 3 elements that makes the Mix to sound cluttered when it gets very busy ( for example around 3:45 ).

Your kick and bass are mono which isn’t bad, but you could try to lower down the kick in level, bring up the bass and even try to spread it a bit in the stereo field. In the opposite the mid & top end is very spread in stereo & for that reason it takes a lot of space and energy in the Mix IMO. Filtering those higher frequencies before they reach any compressor/limiter you might have on the master could help, using a tilt EQ on the master as well but you might need to get back to the individual channels and start by adjusting EQ/filters for the top end.

I haven’t refer to the original to be able to comment about your take on this, just considering it as an original track which makes it less subjective when trying to do critical listening and providing feedback, and that said : original track would be much more interesting to listen & comment IMO, not too much fan of Remixes when it comes to Track Feedback TBH :smile:

But yep, good work overall :wink:

Cheers !

Hey @Tekalight

Im very happy that finally someone took more time and effort to listen to the track and give some advices other that just saying “sound great blah bla”.
I completely agree with You about those “problems”. I have noticed those freq. problems during mastering and what I should have done. I should go back to the mix and what I usually do I use frequency sidechain on buses to make “space” for certain elements BUT You know… remix… laziness :sweat_smile: .
Yeah I hear You about remixes actually I didnt plan this one. Its just effect of one boring evening and checking new sounds in Spire. Definitely Im gonna focus on original tracks and certainly Im gonna pay more attention to the mix in the future.

Stay safe.
Cheers :relaxed:

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