WANTED - 2nd pair of ears!

Evening folks, hope you’re well and that all is good with you?

Well, I’ve finally got round to doin another tune :cool:

I’ve been busy watching as many tutorials and reading as many websites/blogs/instruction manuals as possible to try and get my head around the world of EQ, but I can honestly say it goes in one ear and out the other… There’s just so much to do that it becomes overwhelming!!! :crazy:

I could do with a 2nd pair of ears to have a listen when you get a min and if possible let me know if I’m on the right track with it all or if I’m missing some fundamental piece of EQ’ing

As always any help with this is appreciated :w00t:

(the tune is called Devolution and should be on the bottom of this post)

Can anybody give me some constructive feedback on this tune please. Mainly about what to do with EQ, Compression, Reverb etc…

Or if anyone could give advice on what they would do after they have the arrangement sorted… Workflow that kind of thing.