Wants your opinion - New Uplifting/Progressive Trance Track

New Uplifting Trance release for 2018 by NBT ,
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HI There Neobeat !

First of all I would like to say that I’m not an expert of that genre of music, right ? , so here it’s just my listening experience of your track as a feedback.

First of all I found your kick too loud and too much techno sounding, combine this with the very fast tempo of the track and the quasi non variation of the kick pattern, it’s sounding more like hard techno than uplifting/progressive Trance for as far as I know the genre.

Second thing is that I found your synths missing some weight, grit, lo-freq levels. It’s probably in part due to the kick being too loud, but it’s missing a sub-bass layer, or some more low end into the synths to add more feel to your track.

Third thing, the saturated noise you’re mixing with the synth is confusing because it’s fighting with your already light/high synths frequency range.

Arrangement wise speaking, it’s punching hard from start and I can’t find the progressive feel in the track.

So to conclude about my listening experience, I found the track much more like festival techno than trance, it’s euphoric and has a nice dynamic, but it’s missing this deep vibe that you could get back by changing your kick and add kick pattern variation, make your synths more in the front and more distinct and really adding low freq to them and the track.

I’ve been listening to your track on both headphones and a pair of Focal Solo6 be which makes no present when it comes to full range neutral monitoring, so I’m quite sure about my comments when it comes to say this or that is too loud or not enough present in the mix.

Hope that help, just trying being honest and give some feed back here, take it easy :wink:

For referencing your track you could check https://www.beatport.com/release/top-100-uplifting-trance-tracks/2082788

Thanks, appriciate your opinion.