Warm Saw is awesome!

Hi Phil and all @ SA,br
just implemented new Warm Saw and played around a little bit - sounds VERY promising, it’s warm, harmonically rich with distinct JP/JX characteristics. Look forward to coming vids where you want to showcase it.br
Great how you foster your products!br
Some more sound design tuts would be welcome, the ANA ones so far are good foundation generally + good learning of ANA features, next maybe advanced modulation, complex pads etc.br
Cheers, T.br

You dont have ANA registered in your account… did you buy it with a different account?


It was a decent Edit/Save in fairness… im all about forgiveness. :wink:

Hey Phil, Did warm saws came out yet or I couldn’t find anywhere to get it. Is it going to be up with the new update of A.N.A?

It is in your My Account under downloads

Awesome, Thanks. Keep up the good work guys :slight_smile: