Warping acapellas

hi  all just wondered if any one could help am having probs warping acapellas i know how to warp a track now (ableton dj course) but with acapellas they just seem to be out of sync when i try to warp them the same way ;).

any help would be fab … thanx egg2:D

you read my mind!! was just thinking about doing a quick one on acapellas…

in the mean time…

put the vox on a track and solo it.

while its playing back hit tap tempo in time with the vox

right click on the clip and select warp from here (start at 120* or whatever the current tempo is)

Phil your a dude !

got it that seems to have done the trick!:smiley:

Also to add to this, I found that its a good Idea to select repitch in the audio properties at the bottem, helps get the tone/Key in sync when you speed the tempo up

Hi steve i see what you mean with it helping with tone even though my pellas were in sync still sounded a bit wobbly nice 1 man. Im defo in need of help(in music ) and glad you guys can help:D

if your doing mashups or using accapells you should definatly have a look at “Mixed in Key” it analyses all your tracks/ samples and gives them a BPM and KEY… great for quickly finding tracks or vocals that go well together.


What can i say … this just gets better!

i have spent loads of bucks on tute videos (ask dvd especially ).

Ive never had support like this b4 ,and their dvds dont give you a real insight into whats going on.                                                         Just made it more confusing than anythin.

I feel that ive had more than my moneys worth already.

Am lookin forward to seeing the site progress  .

wicked !:cool:

We are happy to help!!! :smiley:

I agree with you Egg, Thumbs up to Sonic, they have got this just right and its actully becoming a useful tool, Im hoping they can give us some video’s on using massive and how to break it down, twist it around and fine tune it…

Did u getmy message about ur trax steve!:smiley:

i got a PM that looked like it was directed at steve! maybe he didnt feel youre love!

Ha Ha Ha :hehe: hope the wife dont see this shell think im on the turn!:hehe:

No I dont think so, I quite gutted actully, cause the My Way Rules was not quite finished, I need to do a little more with the arrangement, but when I opened it up again in ableton and cubase, the arpagators in ableton had completing change the rhythm and was gutted cause it had lost the rhthym that made it sound so fresh.


nice one on your win steve !:cool:

I know I was well suprised, I been looking at buy Traktor, Torq or Serato for a while now, well save me self some money so can go a buy my Virus TI finally

Hi, if you wanna mix acepllella in sync use this tip & you’ll be using it forever, first switch of the warm marker mode from the acapella you wanna use , then use the tap button at the tool bar of your live , make 4/4 kick only and let it play and keep tapping until you get close to the tempo for the acepella once you have that done, go to the Aringment view and use your acapalle there but make sure you switch off snap to grid once you did that zoom in into the acapalle until you see your first word or mark, then line it with your first 4/4 kick once you done that your acapella will always be in sync. enjoy