Warping vocals.... this is really bugging me, help me please!

Guys, trying to warp vocals, I just cant get it. I’ve look at the remix vid but isnt helping. I have an acapella which I know what the BPM is but when I try and put it over my beats it dosent sit correctly. I’ve moved the start position to where it should be based on the original track but it quickly goes out of time. Where am I going wrong. This happens every time I try to warp a vocal and so far I’ve always given up but I need to nail it. Help please!


if its the same bpm, take the warp mode off. You shouldnt have to warp it. but if you want it in a different spot in the song, just cut that shiz up dude. If you have more problems, hit me up on AIM. Screen name, djhowiegroove


think I’ve got it mate, after a lot of choping and moving about its finally sounding in place, think the vocal must not have been 100% in place in the 1st place :slight_smile: