Watch videos on iPad?

you write on the website that everyone can watch the videos on iphone/
But how?br
Tried to open the website on Safari/iPad - and when I try to stream the video, it doesnt

Did you select iPhone mode from the popup?

which popup? br
I open safari, surf to and login…br
pop up opens to enter user+password…br
and then I got redirected to the standard page…

What iPad have you got 1,2,3?

iPad Mini Retina (2.0)br
Maybe thats the issue?br
'cos I aint get no popup, nowhere… not after login, not on the video “pop up”/new tab…etc

I have been watching the trance 2.0 video and sometimes it starts to jump and auto load the next video and then the next. br
I’m on iPad 2, btw…br
Thought I would share with you.

dont know what you have changed, but now it works ;-)br