Watery, chill, atmosphere, dance, new track. What do u guys think?

So I just finished this track and don’t know how to feel about it. What do you guys think? Any opinions and suggestions are totally welcomed.

Moving Waters by Masseve

It’s a solid track. Don’t think it’d fit into a club environment. It sounded perfect for a film soundtrack. Perhaps the end credits? I’d get it to a stock library and see if you can sell it through them.

Yeah, it is definitely not meant for the club, more of a creative piece.

Umm, stock library? I thought those were suppose to be mostly royalty free. How would you go about making money with them? Any experiences people could share?

Here’s just one example.


I’ve no idea if they’re any good. But there are loads of library companies out there licensing music to companies for a percentage cut of the royalty.

Cool chilled tune there mate - keep it up

nice piece of work there dude!!

Thanks! Its nice to see other people who make music like it. Any recommendations or suggestions?

fine piece of music, i could actually see someone like james zabiela dropping this in one of his essential mixes or something, my be worth looking up some tracklists and finding the lables his more downtempo tracks are signed to :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice ekko, will definitely look into that!

sweet melodics on this one mate, enjoyed the listen great job!

i like this style… it has a good melody.

but something is missing for my ears, maybe the low frequencies…?

Really like this :smiley: very well done

Good! Its motivating to see you people liking it. Paszin, I know what you mean. there is a small detail missing, but I cannot figure out what it is. After listening to that track for a few days straight I just had to stop and post it.

God, I’ve been listening to so much dark **** for the past couple of years it’s refreshing to hear a “happier” sounding tune. Keep at it man.