Wavetable fade function

Are there any plans to add a wavetable fade function to this synth? Some of my wavetables rely on the “morph” function in serum and they just show up as a bunch of single cycles when I import them in ANA 2 which essentially forces me to render them in Serum or Icarus then re-import them as ANA2 wavetables. Ideally something like the fade knob in Icarus would work best, but any solution to that problem would be satisfying to me.


yes we do have plans to add interpolation to the wavetable imports :thumbsup:

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i can hardly wait to see it

As Jennifer says…
I’d never felt something this big
And your savage side drives me crazy
You’ve given me so much, that I’ve been thinking,
I have it all, but
Where’s the wavetable editor? :slight_smile:

we’re working on various new bits n bobs :slight_smile:
hang tight



Any news about the wavetable editor or the wavetable fade/smooth transition?