Wavetable Presets not loading in Demo, just says loading


Could you check what’s going on with Reason cachemanager files. With a default Reason install, you should have some files matching this format ( check pic below ) located in the following path :

C:\Users\yourUserName\AppData\Local\Propellerhead Software\Reason

That is if they haven’t change the path, if not search for *.cachemanager files.

You can back them up to a temp folder for safety if you want but you should be safe to delete all those .cachemaker files. Cleanup your system trash, restart Reason and give it another try with ANA 2.

That first step above is to cleanup memory cache used by Reason, it might help too.

Another thing could be to force a VST Rescan an get rid of what’s in Reason’s VST database cache too.
Now be aware that taking this second step implies that Reason will have to perform a complete new scan of all your VST plugins on your system, it might just take some time.

To do this you have to delete the file PluginDatabase.dat that you should find inside the following path : C:\Users\yourUserName\AppData\Local\Propellerhead Software\Reason

Once the PluginDatabase.dat deleted, cleanup your system trash & even registry using the free CCleaner, restart your PC and run Reason which should proceed to a new VST scan.

It can happen that the plugin scan database get corrupted over time, this is not specific to Reason, I’ve seen this happen with other Daws too, so it might worth it giving it a try.

EDIT : Double checking this way to force VST re-scan and it might be Reason 9 specific, if you can’t find the PluginDatabase.dat file in the above location then in Reason 10 you will have to remove your VST plugins path from Reason’s Preferences ( check pic below ) → Then Close Reason / CCleaner / Reboot / Open Reason / Add the VST Plugin Path in Preferences again and perform a new VST Scan.


Any joy with that issue ?

Hi Tekalight, No its still happening after everything we did. So I was going to ask you, if I got the full version and this still happened would you be happy to give a refund if the problem still happened to me? If yes, then I would just still get the full version to try. =o)

Hey @astus

Sorry for delayed reply :wink:

Hmmm, really strange why it’s doing this, weird one.

Yes of course, you can purchase the full version and not only sales at S.A can arrange a refund for you if it’s really not working but they could try to dive even deeper than I did to help you with this issue. Actually they monitor the forums as well and I did ask about this issue and they haven’t seen this kind of problem before, so hopefully it should work at some point, maybe a new install with the full version will fix it. It might be good to use a 3thd party app like the free version of IObit uninstaller to do a clean uninstall of the demo & cleaning windows registry & left over files before installing the full version.

So yes, no worries, you can purchase the full version ( it’s on sale right now BTW ) and get a refund from S.A if needed, just drop them a mail at customerservice@sonicacademy.com if you need to ask for a refund.