Wavetable Presets not loading in Demo, just says loading

Hi I have the demo on ANA2 really like it, getting ready to pull the trigger, but Im a bit worried because not all the wavetable presets are loading, in fact only one is loading and thats Bell, please can you help me, many thanks =o)

Hi there @astus

As far as I know the only Demo limitations should be intermittent white noise bursts and saving / recalling disabled, the rest should be fully functional for 14 days.

So first question is How Long have you been installing it on your system ?

Could you also specify your OS + version ( i.e : WIN 10 / MacOS 10.13 ) as well as your DAW + Version ( i.e Live 10.1.3 ) and if you’re using the 32 bit or 64 bit plugin version in case we need to troubleshoot this more.

Hi again @astus

Any luck to get the Demo working as expected ? If you’re still within the 14 days trial time then loading the 3d Wave-tables should also work. Make sure you have used the correct 64 or 32 bit installer according to your system.

If still having issue thanks to specify your specs as mentioned in the previous post.

Hi So I checked and yes its the right one 64bit, but I uninstalled, re-downloaded and re-installed. Then tried the 3d wavetables again. On all three osc. I didn’t all of them but 90% of the 10ish ones I tried failed to load on all three osc, all other wav files worked but not the 3D wavetables. I think you have a problem with your demo not loading the wavetables, I also closed all other programs checked my cpu which was running at 7.3% for Reason (10.4 Version). Since then I have rest all the OSC using the submenu, imported the 3d Wavetable (Animals etc) taken from your own presets, still not loading. Please advise.

Still don’t have a clue on what OS you’re working :wink:

Now we know that you’re using Reason 10.4 but are you on a Mac or a Windows machine, using the 64bit or 32bit version of the plugin ? Thanks to be as much specific as you can.

@phil_johnston while still waiting for more details from the user, anything coming to mind why the 3d Wavetables won’t load in the demo on might it be something Propellerhead Reason specific perhaps ?

I have another 6 days to go, Windows Reason (10,4)

Windows 10 ? 64 Bit ?

Windows 10, latest version update etc, everything single thing else is working A OK :wink:

64 Bit yes

Oh and just another bit of infor you might find handy, I download the presets in question, and played them individually using WMP and also imported them into Dune and they all worked, so… Not corrupted or anything.

@astus OK, thank you for the update, might be helpful to specify your CPU & RAM as well later on, since you’re mentioning that it keeps saying “loading” when trying to load some of the 3d Wavetables.

@phil_johnston so that’s happening on Win 10 - 1903 64bit system using Propellerhead Reason v 10.4 ( which I don’t own on my end ).

Just to clarify.

My windows is 64Bit, Reason is 64Bit, THe software .dll is the 64Bit version.
Demo still has 6 days on the clock.
All the 3D wavetables work outside of Ana2
The HD Wavetables is ticked in the settings.
The CPU is running low at 7.3%
All other functions of Demo outside of restrictions (i.e. Noise etc) is working perfectly

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The wavetables are not loading correctly Phil. Across all 3 OSC’s. Also when the wavetable is clicked the dials are not changing to morph either.Which sort of hints at some function within the program is not being implemented and its not just the “actual” wavetable (But I dont know how its programmed so… lol

Ok, thanks. Really no clue what could be the problem so far, wondering if this is not Reason specific. Is Reason 11 a paying upgrade when you already own version 10 btw or could you just upgrade for free ? And I don’t know if it’s still possible to demo Reason 10. Let’s wait for some inputs from Phil or S.A team here for now.

Is it making any difference if you UN-tick the HD Wavetables in settings ? After changing the setting, close the instance of ANA 2 as well as your DAW and restart a new session to ensure that the change is taking place.

I haven’t got Reason 11? And yes Reason 11 is a paying upgrade its approx £200, why would I demo reason 10 I own it?

I was just trying to know if there was a chance you could update to Reason 11 to test with the latest version and no, it’s not about you demoing Reason 10… I was talking about my end :wink:

Oh ok demoing your end. Got ya I didnt mention it, but I naturally came out of the VST, Reason and shut down the computer before i contacted you. Also its occurred over two days, I shut everything down last night. Anyways best of luck, if there is anything I can do to help you please let me know and thank you for the assistance so far.

Yep looks weird, really shouldn’t be something to do with the demo. At this point I’m more thinking about system specific or maybe Reason itself. Let’s see what S.A team think about it and if it’s better to open a support ticket. Let me know if UN-ticking the HD Wavetables setting and restarting Reason helped. Catching up after lunch.

Hi Tekalight I unticked and reticked the HD box last night and restarted everything blah blah and it helped for 1 or 2 minutes but then back to normal. But even then not all loaded or some.