We No Speak Americano [Flaxo Bootleg]

Hey guys,

So while I’ve been working on getting my song Do it Now (check it out on Stream Flaxo music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud) mastered and decent sounding, I took the liberty of making a quick remix. I was actually pretty satisfied with the little bassline I ended up with. What do you guys think?

We No Speak Americano [Flaxo’s Make it Ravey Bootleg] by Flaxo

I hate the Remixes of WE NO SPEAK AMERICANO , and i am not in to Electro . but your Remix is an exception . GREAT JOB BRO !! keep it up :slight_smile:

this is sick dude. really diggin this. great work man. love hearing your stuff dude!

Haha you can hear a little bit of SA in it; the zipper bass at the end is a spin off the crookers bass in one of the earlier tech tips.

Glad you guys liked it!

flaxo… this is… is… SICK!!.. why didnt you do a “how to remix” tutorial! haha