We R Not - techy prog house thingy

Well, I’m sticking with the Proggy end of house for this one though it’s a bit more techy than Continuum.

Which means that the tech heads will probably not like it as it’s not hard enough and the trance gang will think it’s not saw-y enough. Oh well. :wink:

I used the How to Make Prog House like Daniel Portman as the template for this. Really really good tutorial that.

Comments, as ever, appreciated.

Block.Punch - We R Not - unsigned by Block.Punch

Hey man, I just listened to your tune. I like it! The arrangement is good and clever, the mix sounds great and it has a really cool melodic minimal vibe. Cool little reverse pad stab effect at 2:27, the tune is well produced no doubt. I also listened to your other tune in your signature and I can tell you have a distinct style, which counts for a lot these days. Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing more. :slight_smile:

clean mix mate, nice sounding stabs and I like the melody… good job

well done :smiley:

I really like that, added to favourites on soundcloud very nicely done!

nice job :slight_smile:

cheers fellas.

Took two days only to do this from start to finish - having the arrangement structure from Phil’s tutorial and some of the FX helped a LOT! :cool:

I’m not usually a main room-style producer but I’ve really enjoyed making this and Continuum.

Hey Ekko cheers for your nice comments on soundcloud mate. Always good to get comments on there. Helps with the perception of popularity I think.