We want the ANA!

This is totally not fair Phil, you tease us with these awesome pics and audio demos and then make us wait, i propose a mutiny.

Seriously tho, Sylenth is really starting to bore me to tears and i really need a new synth to get to grips with and get the ole sound design bug acting up again. Any ideas when we can get hold of a copy?

I wasnt even asked for the beta, im really gonna cry :frowning:

I, too, am anxiously awaiting the release. I’m currently shopping V Synths and holding off buying anything until I see what ANA can do.

yip, patiently waiting, was going to buy sylenth1 but when I saw the demo’s and pics of this and the price, I thought no way, I holding for ANA, which is a pain, cause at the mo I’m using sylenth1 demo and all I hear is “thank you for trying this demo” which is great if you want a song called that lol.

when when when phil?

We are aiming for end of feb release. Just optimising and testing.