Websites to find samples?

everytime i watch a sonic video, percussion samples seem to be used on these projects. I have very little percussion samples. where are some companies/websites that i can get some?



check the website before asking a question…]

All the “classic” stock 808/909 sounds - incl. congas, toms, claves etc…  Goldbaby - Tape 808 & Tape 909 - Very cheap & all in 24bit through an analog desk on tape. Excellent quality. Very clean.

Sample Magic are great & do Sample Packs by Genre - You’ll get a selection of Perc included that goes with that style.


Loopmasters do pretty much what Sample Magic do… but are a little cheaper I think & have “Big Name” Producers do Artist Sample Packs from time to time. The also do Genre related packs like SM.


Sounds to Sample is like one big Sample shop - They’ve got all the Sample packs going around pretty much. Its run by SM. Prices go from budget to €€’s. They have everything from Minimal to World to Orchestral - So you’re bound to find something that has what you need Mate :smiley:



Theres also Vengeance - They do genre related Sample CD’s too. I dont rate them at all, as everything seems to sound like its been ripped badly off Vinyl & over compressed. A lot of people like them & use them a lot… But I dont like the sound of myself.

…I did check the site first, apparently not hard enough :smiley:

ICN - Thank you so much for that information!

these are the sample suppliers that 99% of the producers use in the future music studio videos

interesting. they must be pretty good. (Topic)