Weird crackle pop glitch in ableton

Hi guys,br
im at a loss with this onebr
so im working on a track and I noticed at a certain part of the track I get a crackle just as a 2 bar sequence ends, sometimes its quite notieable and its a real stutter other times just a pop or
the weird part is its only at a certain part before bar 53 its fine get to bar 53 and it starts happening. The cpu lead meter is showing 22% with maybe a 2% increase when the glitch
I started soloing everything thinking there some weird automation somewhere but it happens on everything individually. I though ok weird ill just copy from before 53 but no
I started a new project and then dragged the clips from the old one into it and still had
I stemmed everything out and put into logic with no
Im completely
Im using live 9 .0.4 64bit on a mac mini i7 with 16gb ram hooked up to a komplete audio 6 br
driver type core audio br
sample rate 44100br
buffer size 172 (have moved this around to no avail aswell)br
I should mention this happens on midi and audio files and there is nothing on the master channelbr
any and all help will be appreciatedbr
posted this over on the abes forum didn’t get much love

If you grab all the parts and move them along say 8 bars does the glitch still happen in the same place?

Ive just sorted it (Hallelujah) br
it was an instance of echoboy which I thought was turned off but wasn’t due to some slight automation that turned it on for a split
oh my word what a waste of a day!